5 Ways carpentry can elevate the look of your Westchester home

When it comes to improving your home there’s so much that can be done with carpentry. You can install new windows & doors which will also save on your heating bill. You can install custom cabinets or built-ins which will fit your style & decor. Bored with just walls and ceilings? Install architectural moldings to upgrade your look.

1. Window replacement
Replacing old drafty windows and installing new windows can help save on your energy costs. When is comes to new windows there is a window for every home and every budget. Have a local Westchester carpenter build custom windows, designed just for your home. Or ask about the many pre-made window options available, from double-hung windows to sliding windows to windows with double-pane glass or triple-pane glass, even basement windows, and bow windows. Korth & Shannahan will install the right windows for your home.
window 2 window
2. Door replacement
The right exterior door can add tremendous curb appeal as well as safety and temperature comfort to your home. Not ready for a new door? A fresh coat of paint on an old door can do wonders to boost a home’s curb appeal. Upgrade your home’s style and install new interior french doors.
3. Custom cabinets
One of the best ways to give a room a facelift is with new custom cabinets. Korth & Shannahan employs the best painters and carpenters in Westchester. We build and paint custom cabinets in your kitchen, offices, bathroom, entertainment/media centers, wine rooms, bars or islands per your specifications.
custom cabinet
4. Custom built ins
Bookcases, cubbies and little nooks all add to the look of your home and our team of carpenters can help you design or we can make yours & your interior designers idea come to life.
built in
5. Architectural moldings
Elevate the look of your home by installing crown molding and baseboard. Classic architecture typically incorporates a large amount of architectural mouldings to accent buildings. Everything from exterior architectural window trim to architectural crown mouldings help to soften a room and add an air of elegance.
Please give us a call for all your Westchester or Lower Fairfield carpentry needs. We do free estimates. Korth & Shannahan can accommodate all your painting & carpentry needs 914-238-5388.


Curb appeal in 6 easy steps

The first thing passers by will look at when they arrive at your home is your front yard. The color of your home, the landscaping, walkways, and if the home is attractive from the outside. Ensure that your home is appealing from the curb, with these easy ideas.
1.) Clean the exterior of your home: before you start on reviewing color is your home dirty? How about the walkways? Consider power washing the siding, brick, deck & pathways.

2.) Color of your exterior home: Before you start on the yard, start on your physical exterior of your home. Look at neighboring homes, and drive through the neighborhood to get the general aesthetic, and color palette of other homes. Consider repainting your home or touches on it such as doors and windows or shutters.

3.) Accentuate the accents of your home: Whether you have shutters that adorn the sides of your exterior windows, or columns on the front porch, ensure they are all immaculate in restoration, upkeep and they are in good condition. Ensure that low planters, brick walls, fences, exterior lighting, and garage entryways are free of debris and all damaged areas have been repaired.

4.). Bring in unsightly items: Curb appeal is also associated with how your family lives on a day-to-day basis. Ensure toys, garbage cans, yard debris filled trash bags, and garden tools are picked up immediately after using them. Items left out for days on end, gives your home an unkept look, and forms opinions about the upkeep of your home.

5.) Manicured grounds: Take a look at your lawn area and determine the condition of the grass and surrounding plant beds. While a newly cut and trimmed lawn is ideal, so is healthy landscaping. Also consider adding color with some potted plants.

6.). Replace welcoming elements: Believe it or not, elements such as the mailbox, outdoor furniture, house numbers and door hardware can make a big impression. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, consider buying new elements and replace the old ones. Consider new cushions, throw pillows, hardware or new paint on the existing.

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. If you need help with any of your Westchester home projects, Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry can service your home in Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Katonah, Bedford, Bronxville, Armonk. Just give us a call for all your Westchester power washing, carpentry & painting needs at (914) 238-5388.

4 Tips to Protecting Your Deck This Winter

Before the chill in the air turns into harsh Westchester winter weather, clean and protect your deck to prepare it for the long winter months ahead.

As the leaves start to change color, you may find yourself reminiscing about the hours of enjoyment spent outside on your deck. While warm-weather gatherings and summer barbecues are a favorite pastime of the season, the combination of foot traffic, food spills and weather can take its toll on any deck. But with a few simple steps, you can winterize your deck so it survives the onslaught of ice, snow, sleet and moisture that can cause damage during the months ahead.
1. Clean the Deck Thoroughly

Ground-in dirt and barbecue stains can ruin your deck’s appearance and ultimately cause degrading of the wood. Exposure to sun can cause wood to turn gray and exposure to moisture can create the perfect conditions for the growth of mold, mildew, moss and algae. All these conditions make it important to clean your deck thoroughly to remove the remnants of summer and get it ready for winter. A professional powerwash is an inexpensive way to clean and protect your deck at the end of the season.

If your stained or painted deck has seen better days, consider stripping any faded or deteriorating finish prior to applying a water-repellent sealer or stain.
2. Apply a Protective Finish

After cleaning, it’s important to apply a water-repellent finish to protect your deck against the damaging effects of winter. Moisture such as ice, snow, sleet and rain can penetrate an unprotected surface, which can cause splitting, cracking and warping. Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of premium exterior wood finishes that offer protection against the elements while giving you the opportunity to achieve any desired look. Let the experts at Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry help you select the best product to apply.

3. Repair Loose or Broken Boards

Maintaining your wood deck may also require repairing or replacing loose or broken boards that can make your deck unsafe to walk on. Surface boards as well as joists can rot, so inspect the deck at least once a year for signs of rot. Even a pressure-treated or preserved-wood deck can suffer loose screws or boards. It’s best to hire a professional Westchester Carpenter to replace any boards that are twisting, lifting or rotten. Contact a professional if you see any signs of rot, as this is a bigger job and will require repairing or replacing the joists. If the rot is localized to a specific area of the joist, a “sister” board can be attached to the joist to support the surface boards instead of replacing the entire joist. A professional will be able to determine if this is the best course of repair. To replace the old board with a new one, drill pilot holes into the board where it should attach to the joists, then screw in the new board to the joists.
4. Matching the Finish Stain

You’ll want to match the finish stain of the replaced board to the existing boards. Use the same type of stain originally used on the deck. You can pre-stain the board before installing it, or you can stain it after you replace it.

Stains come in many different colors, from light to dark. You can match the color of the deck to the siding on your house or use a complementary color to the hue of your home. Stains come in transparent types that allow the grain of the wood to show through, and there are semi-transparent finishes that color the wood but still allow the grain to show through. For the most color, solid stains completely hide the grain of the wood.

If you need help with any of your Westchester home projects, Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry can service your home in Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Katonah, Bedford, Bronxville, Armonk. Just give us a call for all your Westchester power washing, carpentry & painting needs at (914) 238-5388.


10 Steps to preparing your home for the cooler Westchester weather

Now that fall is officially on it’s way to Westchester, it’s time to prepare your home for cooler weather. These steps, will help lower your utility bills and protect your investment. Start winterizing buildings in the summer. The cost of heating your property can take a big bite out of your paycheck very quickly.
image 1. Check for rotting wood. Replacing this now will help avoid problems in wet weather. Look up at all the areas around the roof & windows and down at the areas around the landscape. Now is the best time to seal any bare wood before the cold/wet weather hits.
image 2. Power wash your exterior to remove the dirt now before it becomes worse. Paint and seal after washing.
3. Add more insulation to your attic, if you have one. Heat rises, and will escape through a poorly insulated attic.
image 4. If your windows are old you may want to consider installing double pane windows now. Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry are a Pella certified window specialist.
image 5. Caulk cracks around windows and doors to eliminate drafts. Use water resistant caulk on the outside of buildings.
image 6. Add weather stripping to doors and windows when winterizing buildings. Now is the best time to check and replace.
image 7. Install outlet gaskets to electric outlets located on outer walls. The gaskets will eliminate drafts when you prepare your house for winter.
image 8. Clean your furnace and replace the air filter. Dirty air filters clog the flow of air and could start a fire. Service your wood burning stove. Have a professional chimney sweep come out to clean and inspect your wood stove when preparing your house for winter.
9. Clean out your rain gutters in the fall after the leaves have fallen. Leaves and other debris will clog your gutters, which could create an ice dam on your roof and damage both inside and out.
10. Close outside vents to your house as soon as it starts to get cold. Closing the vents will help winterize your home.

If you need help with any of your Westchester home projects, Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry can service your home in Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Katonah, Bedford, Bronxville or Armonk. Just give us a call for all your Westchester power washing, carpentry & painting needs at (914) 238-5388.

Commercial Painting in Westchester County

There are many benefits to an interior or exterior repaint of your facility. A pleasing aesthetic appearance of your building can accomplish many important things. Customers generally favor a friendly looking, visually appealing business. Simply improving the appearance of your business, utilizing inviting colors, and showing the pride of ownership of keeping a well maintained, cared for property may greatly improve customer traffic and customer referals.

Additionally, employee morale, productivity, and retention are absolutely connected to the visual environment they are working in. A fresh coat of paint can keep people’s spirits higher than a dark and dingy environment, just as an attractive new paint job can instill a feeling of pride in your employees before they ever step foot in the door to start their day. Take a look at the most successful business you know of, whether you’re thinking of the great small business in town you admire, or a big box giant, or a productive, bustling office space — what you’ll consistently see is a happy work environment for the employees, including a facility that those workers are able to be proud of. Korth & Shannahan Painting & Carpentry can work around your schedule with employees we can schedule at your convenience. We can use low odor paint to minimize employee disturbance.

Finally, there are direct econominic benefits to good facility maintenance. First of all is building value. If you take two of the same building, side be side, with the only difference being condition and aesthetic value of paint and landscaping, every time the good looking, well maintained building will have a higher value, provide higher sales values, and bring greater rents from better tenants. Along with greater income from a well painted building, there is also the cost benefit of regular maintenance. As a general rule, it is less expensive to do timely maintenance and keep a building up than it is to allow the building to deteriorate to the point of needing a major overhaul.

From a single unit move in to a medical office to retail space to a large commercial building, we offer a variety of paint services from rebranding to a new complex to painting an old building. We treat every Westchester client as our most important client and we want to build a long term relationship. Our team members are fully trained employees. We can help you with all your needs in Scarsdale, Katonah, Rye, White Plains, Chappaqua, Bedford. Call Korth & Shannahan Painting & Carpentry today for an estimate (914) 238-5388

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Wood Rot

Most Westchester NY homeowners are familiar with threats like termites, mold and carpenter ants. It doesn’t take long for any of those threats to do a lot of damage to wood. But there’s actually a less known threat that can be just as damaging. That threat is wood rot. This problem occurs when water and wood meet – fungi begins to grow on any wooden structure of your home. When that happens, it won’t take long for the fungi to spread. As it covers more space, the fungi spreads thin threads known as hyphae. While that name doesn’t sound too intimidating, hyphae actually break down the fiber within wood. The end result is that wood becomes weak and rots away.

Since wood rot is caused by moisture, prevention may not be completely within your control. That being said, there are definitely measures you can take to minimize the likelihood of this problem occurring. The first is to prime and paint any wood siding or eaves that are exposed. The next is to check for early signs of rot on a regular basis. And if you have a deck in Chappaqua, Bedford, Katonah, or Scarsdale, it’s very important to have it waterproofed to help prevent the need for extensive deck repair.

If you discover any wood rot in your home in Westchester NY or outside on an area like your deck, you’ll want to deal with it sooner than later. The course of action you take will depend on the severity of the rot. While mild wood rot can often be treated with a simple wood preservative, advanced occurrences will require replacement carpentry.

On a regular basis, check all wood posts and columns around your home in Chappaqua, Armonk, Bedford, and Katonah for water rot. Look at the bottom 12” for failing or flaking exterior paint, which is a sure sign of moisture issues.

Keep in mind that rot does not happen overnight; it can take several years for a problem to show up because wood rots from the inside out.

If you detect rot on your wood, take care of the problem immediately by calling the professionals at Korth & Shannahan Painting and Carpentry 914-238-5388.image

We are a pella certified installed

We are Pella Certified Window and Door Installers. Pella Windows offer energy savings for years to come. With multi-layers of glass, it keeps your controlled air in and outdoor air out requiring less hear or air-conditioning for energy savings on your bills. The windows also offer some sun heat reflection which leads to more savings.


The National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC) is a nonprofit organization that developed an energy rating program based on “whole product” performance — not just the performance of the glass itself.
The NFRC label is found on every window. It’s the most reliable way to determine a window’s “whole unit” energy performance
All reputable window manufacturers rate and certify their products according to National
Fenestration Rating Council requirements
This letter tells you how well the window insulates
The lower the U-Factor, the more energy-efficient the product is
Pella® products offer some of the lowest
U-Factors in the industry

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
This letter tells how effective the window is at blocking the sun’s radiant heat
The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the window allows into your home

When you see this logo on the NFRC label , you can be assured your windows or door meets ENERGY STAR guidelines in your region of the country.

Call us to learn more or get a quote to open the door to energy savings. @korth_painting #korth_painting #pellacertifiedinstaller #pellaenergysavings